December update


Our journey continues as we await FDA product determination for Snuggle Helper®.  Though the process is somewhat opaque and occasionally frustrating, we value the agency's allegiance to public safety and the diligence it exercises for the myriad products that surface annually.  Public safety clearly outweighs commercial concerns; we continue to execute with that in our forethoughts as we look forward to their findings.

We continue to make headway on commercial  activities while awaiting FDA product
determination.  We recently received confirmation from the USPTO for the Snuggle Helper® product trademark.  Our branding activities have embraced the change as we prepare to more aggressively circulate product information in 2015. Activities as seemingly innocuous as achieving a registered trademark can be considered victories in our information-fueled society. I state this as trademark claims can be easily precluded by common law declarations and ad hoc usage in online environments which merely use the ™ designator to establish footholds in the market.  Defining meaningful product names, establishing an online presence, and reconciling both with an internet-enabled market place can be daunting undertakings for new companies carving out niches for product usage and name brand recognition. USPTO validation of our work in this area is gladly accepted, as the dimensions that had to be reconciled were numerous and constantly shifting.

All in all, we continue to look forward to a 2015 filled with new activities and challenges as we transition into sales-focused activity with an established product.  Best regards to all for warm, enjoyable holiday season and a happy new year.

-Andy G.



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