Commercial activity finds itself center stage as we press forward into 2015. 
A casual glance at our website reveals a new landing page for gift ideas. The new page couples with search engine activity promoting Infant Guard as a source of baby-related gifts.  As part of this endeavor, we have also enabled and gone live with gift certificate functionality.

No such initiative would be complete without materials that suggest and highlight Snuggle Helpers® as sensible, unique gifts. Our product was developed to address circumstances surrounding parental exhaustion, but when viewed in a larger context, its applicability crosses a wider range of users. Web site viewers will find new content which shows Snuggle Helpers® used by family members and friends who may be less confident than parents when handling newborns.  If one considers the amount of parental anxiety introduced when a newly anointed older sibling handles their younger brother or sister for the first time, the product value becomes evident. The same can be said of situations when older adults who may be less confident when handling young ones, find themselves enjoying the company of new additions to the family. 

Regardless of the scenario, we enjoy occupying a position of marketing and distributing a relevant product; one designed for ease of use, and applicability across a wide range of family members and friends.  
Best regards for an exciting 2015.

 -Andy G.



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